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Luckey Fall Festival

* Cancelled for  2020 *

Mark your Calendars for 

September 24, 25 and 26th 2021

Looking Forward to 2021

Enjoy an old time fall festival  weekend! 

2021 Festival Dates

September 24, 25 and 26th

( Always the last full weekend in Sept. ) 

Located between Krotzer Ave. (St. Rt. 582) and Gilbert Road on Adams St., in Luckey, Ohio (map). 

FFA Pull Rules



Eastwood FFA Tractor Pull Rules

Friday,  starting at 10:00 am

Tractor must be 1985 or older (1985 - older)

  1. All pullers must have a $6.00 Luckey Fall Festival current membership. All hooks are $13.00 per hook.
  2. Puller age 14 to 16 must produce a valid Certificate of Tractor Operator License. 16 or over must have and show a valid drivers license upon request. Under age 18 pullers must have parents or legal guardian signature.
  3. Drivers must stay in his or her seats during pulling.
  4. Tractor will not pull until the flagman has displayed the green flag. When the red flag comes up, you are to stop immediately. Drivers are to watch the flagman once the tractor is hooked to the sled. Flagmen is in control. Failure to follow his direction will result in disqualification.
  5. All pulls must start with an attached kill switch to the sled and start with a tight chain (No jerking allowed)
  6. One re-start is allowed if sled does not reach the 20-foot mark.
  7. Two wheel drive tractors only with steel wheels or rubber tires. Tires must appear stock. No cut tires. If you have cut tires, you may pull exhibition.
  8. Stock engines as per model and year of tractor. Factory turbos only as per model year. No multi-carburetors, kit vehicles will pull exhibition only.
  9. No manual overriding of governor. (HAND THROTTLE ONLY) 
  10. Any engine over standard RPM will be disqualified. All tractors must have factory governor. Random checks will be made.
  11. Tractors will pull in 1st gear or 2nd gear, must be in low range or direct. No shifting while pulling. No overdrive.
  12. Drawbar height – 18 inches maximum on solid drawbar. 18 inches from center of rear axle and 16 inch drawbar on the 2500 weight class. No hydraulic hitching point.
  13. Minimum thickness of hitch point must be 5/8” in diameter.
  14. Absolutely no fuel leaks. Tractor will be safety inspected and any tractor not passing will not pull. Only manufactured recommended fuels. No draining or refueling while engine is running at anytime.
  15. No stripping of the tractor. It must appear stock. 
  16. All tractors will scale out or be disqualified. If weigh-out is more than weight class you are disqualified. NO ARGUING!
  17. Arguing or using foul language with judges, any officials or any track personnel is grounds for disqualification. You will be asked to leave immediately!!
  18. Tractor operated in any unsafe manner will be disqualified.
  19. The speed limit is 3 mph before, during and after the pull.
  20. 1000-pound maximum weight. All weight must be securely fastened. They must not extend rearward or rear tires. Not more than 24 inches beyond forward most part of the tractor excluding tires and crank. Tractor losing parts or weight on track before unhooking will be disqualified.
  21. Any variation from these rules might pull as exhibition. Judges decision is final.
  22. Judge’s and Official’s decisions are FINAL! INCLUDING situations not covered in these rules and during the Festival.
  24. Scales will be open Friday at 8:00 a.m.
  25. When tractor is in line to pull, driver must remain on the tractor!
  26. Drivers can pull twice in the same weight class and choose the longest pull and/or have a different driver use the same tractor in that weight class.
  27. You can pull in as many different weight classes as you want as long as you meet the weight requirements for that class.


1985 & Older Weighted

3MPH Speed Limit

2500     4500
2750     4750
3000     5000
3250     5500
3500     6000
3750     6500
4000     7500
4250     8500

1985 & Older No Weights added classes

3MPH Speed Limit

4000     4500
5000     5500

General Pull Information

Heavy classes will start on the west track and work down.

Light Classes will start on the east track and work up.

Contact Rusty Sarver for Tractor pull information 419-494-7242

QUIET TIME 11:00 PM. TILL 6:00 AM.